MSC Cordate Community

Answering the call to Religious Life

Vocation to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart


“Follow me”
Matthew 4:19

Christian vocation is a call to discipleship – to a following of Jesus and a living of his way of life. Religious vocation (joining a religious congregation and opting for a life in community lived according to the vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience) is a very special way of following him. It presumes a particular calling and demands rather radical choices.  As Missionaries of the Sacred Heart we believe that God has called us to live together in community, giving witness in our lives and ministry to the love that God has lavished upon us, and a love which he has for the whole world.

If you live in Europe, are a young Catholic man and feel in any way that this could be the direction for your life – to live and work as Missionary of the Sacred Heart – feel free to e-mail us at the MSC European Community for more information and for the address of a contact person in your nearest country.

Formation for Religious Life, Priesthood and Ministry


“As the clay is in the potters hands, so you are in mine”
Jeremiah 18:6

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) receive whatever formation is necessary for integrated human and Christian growth, both for their own personal development as well as for the good of others. As part of their initial formation candidates will receive extensive intellectual and pastoral training.  Initial formation will help them to deepen their consecration to Christ, to strengthen their sense of belonging to the MSCs, and to prepare them really well for a life of generous ministry.

Initial formation is in three stages: the pre-novitiate (2-3 years of orientation and philosophical study), the novitiate (a spiritual year prior to making a temporary vowed commitment) and a period of four or more years theological and pastoral preparation for a life of mission and ministry.  Continuing formation (after final vows and ordination) is available in all areas of religious apostolic life.

Formation at all levels includes human, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and pastoral dimensions.

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