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Peace Walk

“Peace be with you” was the first greeting of our Lord after the Resurrection. Shanthi, Shalom, Salam, Peace are all familier words to all of us. In a diverse community of Lozells, people witnessed a Peace Walk organized by Sr. Helen a Mercy Sister. People from different faiths took part in the Peace Walk.
On Saturday 6th July, 2013 when people were busy doing their weekend shopping, we passed by with a banner bearing the words Birmingham Peace Walk. Sr. Helen invited volunteers and participants to join the Peace Walk that began at St. Mary’s Convent, Handsworth at 10:00 AM. Sr, Helen invited the people who came for the first time, there were participants who joined this walk for the first time like me with many others who do this every year. Leaving St. Mary’s Convent we visited Shri Geeta Bhavan Manhir, the first Hindhu temple ever to be built in the UK. This beautiful temple with many images was built in 1967. At the main sanctuary there the images of Krishna and Radha, (Krishna is one of the many Avataras of Lord Vishnu). There were other images including Dhurga, most famous of all Hindhu Goddesses, Venkateswara, whose temple is in the South of India in Tirupathi. The temple of Venkateswara is reckoned to probably be the richest Temple in India. We were cordially welcomed by the Temple leaders and were briefed about the Temple, worship and other facilities in and around the temple.
Moving on from the Hindhu Temple we reached one of the outstanding Mosques Faizul Quran Jamia Mosque. The construction of this Mosque began in 2001. The construction of this mosque cost 2.5 million pounds. The Mosque leader who joined the Peace Walk, who even came to the Hindhu Temple with us gave us the information about the beautiful mosque. Continuing our journey we came to the Gurudvara, the Gate of the Teacher. The Sikh Temple is a peaceful building. At the centre of it was the holy book of the Sikhs called Guru Grandh. One of the young leaders of the Gurudvara welcomed us and informed us about the facilities of the Gurudvara and the surrounding of the Sikh community in Lozells.
Though not my first visit to different places of Religious Worship, the Peace Walk in Lozells, just a walkable distance from Aston where we live gave me an enriching experience. Every time I visited a Hindhu Temple or a Bhudhist Temple or a Mosque in the past, I always did it with people who shared my faith. But this time I visited various places of religious worship with people who did not share my faith. This aspect of the Peace walk made me realize that the spirit of the Cordate Community came alive to me. It is very encouraging to see people who are working with similar motives and vision as we as Missionaries of the Sacred Heart do at Cordate community, Aston, Birmingham. It made me realize one more fact: Miles to go before I sleep.

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  1. Ton Zwart says:

    Good of you, Syam, to visit different places of worship and to do so with people of different faith communities. It may be a bit unsettling at first but enriching in the long run.

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