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Syam Kumar MSC from India

We are very happy to welcome and introduce Syam Kumar Bandi MSC to our community. Syam arrived here from India on the 9th of April. Mark is no longer the youngest member of the community as Syam is just 31. His first profession was in 2001 and he was ordained in 2010. Since his ordination Syam has worked in India, in his home area of Andhra Pradesh for a bit but mostly in Bangalore. He is a member of the fast growing Indian Union.

At the moment Syam is trying to acclimatise himself to UK weather and culture. The weather was a bit of a shock. When he left Bangalore it was 35 degrees centigrade and when he arrived in Birmingham it was just 7 degrees. However, the weather is slowly getting milder and Syam is slowly getting to know Aston and Birmingham. Already he has visited London and St. Alban’s and soon he will get a chance to visit Princethorpe. So bit by bit he is getting to know the MSC working in the UK.

Slowly he is becoming aware of what the needs and possible ministries in the local area are. He will definitely be a great asset to the mission here and I am sure that that his B.A. in Psychology, Sociology and English Litreature will come in handy at some stage. His computer skills are already coming into their own as he is our new community webmaster.
We are delighted that he has joined us and we wish him every happiness during his stay here in the Cordate Community.


Con O’Connell MSC

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