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Our mission finds expression in specific commitments carried out by individuals and communities. These commitments will be chosen and continually evaluated in the light of our spirit, the needs and mission of the Church and our own missionary tradition.

MSC Constitutions, 23






Most of the initiatives in mission and ministry in the eight MSC Provinces of Europe have taken place independently of one another as each Province has grown according to its own pace.  In recent years there has been a deepening desire to be in greater partnership with one another.  As collectively we face a fast-changing future, we see the need for faith, hope, courage, and the willingness to take risks together.  Our European society and culture has need for our founding charism and spirituality of the heart, revealing the love, compassion and solidarity of God, as much now as ever in the past.  Therefore, we want, even in our poverty as ageing and diminishing European Provinces of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, to be present as salt and light in this continent that is so marked by the post-modern effects of globalisation, secularisation, human mobility, economic injustice, a culture of death, misplaced affectivity and yet a thirst for love and a search for the sacred.

For this reason, as a first step and as a pilot project that unites us as MSCs in our mission to Europe, we have great joy in being able to launch this new Inter-Provincial European MSC Community.  It has been decided to locate the mission in Birmingham, the second city of England.  The dream of this community emerged in 2002 at our first European Assembly in Issoudun, the place of our Foundation in France.  With commitment, vision, and risk, particularly from the European Provincials and the Young MSC over the last few years, we have together been able to translate that dream into reality with the appointment of:

  • Carl Tranter MSC (Irish Province)
  • Mark Van Beeumen MSC (Belgian Province)
  • Ton Zwart MSC (Dutch Province)

to launch this new community and mission project.

To find out about the genesis and development of the project, click here.

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