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Our Mission

The Cordate Community is an international community. It finds its roots in the General Assemblies of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Europe of the past decade. They called for a missionary project in the Western part of the European Continent, having already a presence in the East, in Slowakia.

Western Europe is changing very fast. People are on the move everywhere and the monocultures of the past are no more. Nowadays all societies are transforming into multicultural and multireligious entities. It is this reality the Cordate Community is challenged to face  in its multivarious aspects.  Aston, in Birmingham, United Kingdom, was our choice of location, as it serves well as a showcase of what is happening in many places throughout Western Europe.

Our Ministry of Presence has three basic components:

  • Promotion of cooperation between the different religions or interreligious dialogue.
  • Support to the poorer sections of the community,  newcomers or oldtimers, those struggling  to survive, economically or socially.
  • Reaching out to those of no faith at all, either because they lost the faith of their youth or  have never been part of a faith community.

Too ambitious? Perhaps, but all change starts by making a beginning . Then it is more a matter of small steps than of leaps.

Our Ministry of Presence proceeds in three ways:

  • Believing; God is at work in bringing people together.
  • Befriending; relationships of trust make things happen.
  • Bridging; segregation is not the answer to differences, getting to know each other  is.


Because the social reality we are dealing with transcends the locality of Aston, we believe that our project is a pilot project, as originally intended, relevant to everyone interested in the samequestions.

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    Your doing excellent work guys

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